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Digital Architecture Laboratory is the most important facilities in now day’s architecture education. In order to compliment the students with up to date way to design, the laboratory has been equipped with high specs computers and related tools. BIM or Building Information Modelling is utilized with various software and applied to Architectural Design Studio (ADS), starting from ADS 3 – to ADS 7, especially ADS 6 where completed technical drawing is required.

The laboratory is also has a duty to expand the digital tools for other design aspects such as building science and technology and building design. Serial workshops and short courses in the field are frequently developed both for students only and open for public. Environmental control by information technology and parametric design are some of the most subject of digital workshops.

Together with other laboratory in the department, Digital Architecture Laboratory also frequently organize teams to participate design competitions. Send lecturer and staff to join workshop and seminar in the field.

In order to serve the students, this laboratory is open for 24 hours for 7 days in a week and only closed for national and religious holidays. 20 laptops and 40 PCs are ready for the students accompanied by other digital tools.

Figure: Digital Workshop


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Figure: Digital Workshop


Official Staffs:

Head of Laboratory: Syarifah Ismaliyah Alathas, ST, MSc

Staff: Hartono (Harry)

Telp: +62 274 898444 ex.3245


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