Bachelor of Design Studies in Architecture

Bachelor of Design Studies in Architecture (B.D.Arch) or Sarjana Arsitektur (S.Ars) is 4 years program pre-professional program which has four years duration (8 semesters). The program has totally 150 credits with 8 integrated studios in every semester as curriculum backbone and supported by groups of courses in institutional characters, building sciences and technology, history and urbanism, architectural communication, and advocacy and professions. In early semesters, students are dealing with basic design in architecture with all contexts surrounding, while for higher semester students are digging their excellency in specific fields in architectural studies.

Graduated from B.D.Arch program, alumnae will have broaden chance to choose their career in building industries except for to be an architect. B.D.Arch holder will free to be an contractor, manager or supervisor in building industries, building researcher, designer, etc. While to be an architect, they have to continue with 5th year program as professional degree. To be graduated B.D.Arch, student must finished their program on time 8 semesters and maximum 14 semesters for the extension periods. Trough this 8 semesters student must satisfy their studio and institutional courses not less than C grade and minimum grades in average (IP) not less than 2.5 (from 0-4 scale).