Bachelor of Design Studies in Architecture

Bachelor of Design Studies in Architecture (B.D.Arch) or Sarjana Arsitektur (S.Ars) is 4 years program pre-professional program which has four years duration (8 semesters). The program has totally 150 credits with 8 integrated studios in every semester as curriculum backbone and supported by groups of courses in institutional characters, building sciences and technology, history and urbanism, architectural communication, and advocacy and professions. In early semesters, students are dealing with basic design in architecture with all contexts surrounding, while for higher semester students are digging their excellence in specific fields in architectural studies.

Graduated from B.D.Arch program, alumnae will have to broaden chance to choose their career in building industries except for to be an architect. B.D.Arch holder will free to be a contractor, manager or supervisor in building industries, building researcher, designer, etc. While to be an architect, they have to continue with the 5-year program as a professional degree.

To be graduated B.D.Arch, a student must finish their program for 8 semesters and up to maximum 14 semesters for the extension periods. The students who could not finish their study in the 14th semester will be dropped out from the program. Trough this 8 semesters student must satisfy their studio and institutional courses with no less than C grade and minimum grades on average (IP) not less than 2.5 (from 0-4 scale).

To Enroll in the Program

The entry exam in the Architecture Department, as well as in other UII’s departments, will start by January and will end up by July each year. There are some optional methods to enter the exam; Computer Based Test (CBT), Paper Based Test (PBT), High Potential Student (Penelusuran Siswa Berprestasi: PSB), Low Income Student (Bidikmisi scheme) and Special entry by Qur’an Hafidz Student ( For foreign students, please explore our international student office at, and you only need to apply online via our international student admission here. The department is also accepting international student exchange for maximum two semesters from broadening countries. See our international office web and contact the department for further information.

CBT is the most practical exam which is open every day except on Sunday from January to July. The prospective student may apply directly in Admission Center in the main campus Jalan Kaliurang km.14.4 Yogyakarta. The student may also come to some certain high school (SMA) which has collaboration with UII. The most important consideration is that the exam will have higher competitiveness near to July. So it will be easier to take the exam at the beginning. PBT is not open daily basis but every month. There will be 6 times PBT from January to July. The prospective student must come to the main campus and take the test there. The result of the exam will be announced in a week after the exam.

For an outstanding student in high school, such as having an award or high achievement in academic, sports,  arts, or other competition, your future is brighter with us by many opportunities for your career. Please access our special scheme called PSB or Outstanding Student Scheme without having an entrance exam. The student with a high rank in the high school also have an opportunity to take this scheme. To enroll without a test is also open for Hafidzs by the scheme for Quran Hafidz/Hafidzah. The high school graduate who has memorized at least a half (15 juz) Quran Al Kareem will be awarded a special scholarship from the university.


There are numerous scholarships available for enrolling in the department which covers the tuition fee with or without living cost:

  1. High-achievement scholarship
  2. Dhuafa scholarship
  3. Hafidz scholarship
  4. International student scholarship
  5. Third parties scholarship

The high-achievement scholarship will be given to the enrolled students who have the highest CGPA each semester. Dhuafa and Hafidz scholarship are open for the prospective students who meet the condition for the scheme (at least memorize 15 juz for hafidz, and the low income of the parent). The international student scholarship will be given for a foreign student who meets the criteria. The various third parties are available for the enrolled student whit high CGPA. Beside these scholarships, the high CGPA student may also apply assistantships available in the department. Please contact us for further information.

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