Department of Architecture

The Department of Architecture (JARS) is one of the leading majors at the Islamic University of Indonesia (UII) with an enrollment ratio and admissions to exceed 1:10 for undergraduate architecture programs. This department has three study programs (Prodi) consisting of the Bachelor of Architecture Program (SARS), the Architect Professional Program (PPAr), and the Master of Architecture Program (MARS). Until 2020, the SARS program has graduated more than 2500 alumni spread across the archipelago and the world who are involved in the world of architect and design professions widely. SARS enrols less than 150 students every year who are assisted by 33 permanent doctor and master lecturers from domestic and foreign universities and supported by dozens of other teachers and professionals. Architectural design studio as a core course has been conducted to meet international standards with a minimum of 40 minutes of personal face-to-face per student per week. This studio is also supported by a 24-hour Studio system which is supported by a complete infrastructure and adequate library stuff (more than 15,000 collections). Catur Dharma activities (Tri Dharma plus the fourth dharma of Islamic Da’wah) are also supported by four laboratories with complete facilities and infrastructure: Space Design and Forms Laboratory, Building Technology and Performance Laboratory, Architectural and Urban Modeling Laboratory, and Communication and Architectural Business Laboratory.

In accordance with its vision and mission, this department has established various international and national collaborations to advance the quality of education, research and community service as well as Islamic da’wah, which is its distinctive character. The internationalization of the department has officially been launched since 2011 with various activities. U to U collaboration with foreign university partners, sending lecturers to take further studies abroad, sending and receiving lecturers, staff, and students to attend student exchanges, workshops, summer schools, competitions, seminars, etc. are amongst them. The International Program or international class has also been opened since 2017 which aims not only to attract international students to study at UII but also to increase the capacity and quality of their learning to the same level as world-class architectural education. Various international academic events, including seminars (EduArchsia, SAKAPARI) and international workshops (WRUI) in collaboration with various well-known international and national institutions, have also been carried out.

Achievements up to 2020

The various efforts taken have placed JARS UII as one of the leading architectural education institutions in Indonesia. As a proof of the recognition is the achievement of international accreditation by the Korea Architectural Accrediting Board (KAAB) with the six-years full accreditation for a five-year (4 + 1 year) architectural education scheme following the Canberra Accord which guarantees the global equality for the alumnae. Very rare universities in the country have obtained international accreditation. Furthermore, it has also been officially recognized by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia with the awarding of EXCELLENT level (UNGGUL) accreditation through BAN-PT.
The summary of the recognition that the Department of Architecture UII has been able to achieve includes:
• As one of the first architecture majors from a private university to obtain ‘EQUIVALENT/DISAMAKAN’ status in 1995 in Indonesia.
• Achieved the highest accreditation ranking “A” by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT) for successive undergraduate architecture education for 2003, 2008, 2013, & 2018 and by the new ranking system with the highest level “EXCELLENT/UNGGUL” for the Undergraduate and Professional Architect Program since 2020.
• Has a 4 + 1 year integrated Architect Education Program as the first sustainable program in Indonesia since 2012.
• Has an Architect Professional Program that provides Pre-Registered Architect Permits (SKA-Muda) with IAI for 5th-year graduates since 2015.
• As one of the providers of the first architectural education with a fifth-year program accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Technology in 2018 and upgraded to “EXCELLENT” since 2020.
• Has the first 4 + 1 program in Indonesia which is accredited by the International Accreditation Board (KAAB-Canberra Accord) for the 2017-2020 period and has been updated to “FULL ACCREDITED” for the 2020-2026 period.

Vision Statement

Department of Architecture of Universitas Islam Indonesia that excels global reputation, and commits to environmental sustainability and Islamic civilization.

Mission Statement

1. To create Study Program with international recognition
2. To produce the prominent research
3. To perform the community service that has national impact
4. To encourage sustainable Da’wah Islamiyah

Goals Statement

1. To achieve the quality improvement of teaching that responds to the development of architectural science and the latest technology
2. To achieve the excellent human resources in the fulfilment of teaching, research, community service and Da’wah Islamiyah
3. To achieve the quality of graduates who have academic abilities, innovative character, and prophetic ethics

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