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One of the most important resources for architecture study is design laboratory. Architectural Design Laboratory in Department of Architecture UII has role key to boost design capabilities of the students. This laboratory responsible to manage core courses of Architectural Design Studio ADS from ADS 1 to ADS 7. While ADS 8 is arranged by special task force team as the final project for B. Arch program. ADS 9 and ADS 10 are managed by Professional Program (PPAr) in fifth year. The laboratory periodically invites experts from urban designer, civil engineer, landscaper, mechanical and electrical designer, as well as professional architect to give some sessions on the studios. The course events called as KUE.

In order to increase the skill of students, Architectural Design Laboratory organizes supplementary courses or workshops as co-curricular activities such as Model Making, Hand Drawing and Manual Sketch, Photography, and others. For these purposes, the laboratory periodically invite some experts or professional to train the students.

The laboratory is also given duty to organize student activities related to design competition both for national and international levels. Some student studio works have been transformed to design documents for design competitions.

Facilities in the laboratory are Model making tools, Laser Cutter Machine, 3D Printer  

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Figure: Guest Lecturing KUE with Architect Professional

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Figure: Architectural Design Studio (ADS)


Official Staffs:

Head of Laboratory: Arman Yulianta, Ir, MUP

Staff: Syahid Faoji (Oji)

Telp: +62 274 898444 ex.3225



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