Fixed studio

Fixed studio is studio space facility dedicated to each student in every semester. Starting from 3rd semester, students are free to work by their own space, specially for their studio. They are also free to work there for other course tasks. Combine with the 24 hours studio, they can manage themselves in this semi ‘private room’ after their session with the lecturer and assistant. There are four zones fixed studio in every semester: Studio 3 which is called ‘pre-fixed studio’, is provided only for 3rd semester students for Architectural Design Studio (ADS3) and main architectural courses. The rest ADS are provided exclusively with full fixed studios which are Studio 4-5, Studio 6-7, and Studio 8. Studio 8 is also known for ‘Final Project Studio’ for 4 year program (Bachelor of Design Studies in Architecture. B.D.Arch). Beside that, there are also fixed studio for 9th and 10th semester which is under Professional Program of Architect (PPAr).

Design Laboratory

Laboratory of design is a facility to support all Studios and other courses related. Activities involving design discussion, drawing, model making, and field surveys are accommodated in the studio. The head of the studio and staff have a duty to provide all spaces, types of equipment, and materials for the students as well as to serve them with several workshops each semester. This laboratory open for 24 hours and 7 days in a week except for the public holidays.

Building Technology Laboratory

The laboratory is dedicated to support the building science and technology in architectural design. Building materials, structural system, construction, mechanical equipment, building physics, and environmental context are discussed, simulated, and modeled in this facility. Many samples of the aspects above are restored and displayed for helping the students have a better understanding of integrated design in architecture. Field studies are also organized regularly by the laboratory to enrich the experience of the students.

Digital Architecture Laboratory

Digital architecture is one of the cores in architectural education. This laboratory provides the students a complete state-of-the-art digital equipment for architectural design such as a high-performance computer, 3D printer, laser cutter, and large printing machine. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is one of the main services for supporting the Architectural Design Studios (ADS-STUPA). The laboratory is also open 24 hours 7 days a week to give full access to the students.

Information Resources Center (IRC)

IRC provides all needs in information for architectural design. This facility is equipped with the ultra high-speed intranet and internet to collaborate and access the world. A lot of online journals and resources are available within the main library network in the university. Hard copies of many books and magazines are also provided to enrich the design ability in architecture. Printing office is also serves to the student and staff. Regular Yearbook each semester as a result of previous works of the students can be accessed in this facility.

24 hours Studio

24 hours Studio is a system dedicated to students in architecture to access main facilities in the campus to study and works. 24 hours studio ranges from studios, computer and digital laboratory, workshop units, information center, and other laboratories. The student in architecture has full access to uses these facilities, which is managed by staff and assistant, full for 24 hours. 24 hours studio is a system to guarantee the student working safety and comfort in the campus. Rather than working at home or even dormitory, working on campus is relatively safe and controlled. To ensure the safety and security concerns, security guards and CCTV system are employed. While for the comfort of the students, 24 hours canteen, shower set, kitchen, and ‘girls only’ studio are added in the campus. Studio atmosphere by this 24 hours studio is helping the student to share their knowledge and skills in architecture. They can learn each other with positive atmosphere beside their study in working hours with the tutors and lectures.

Workshop Station

In addition to the laboratories, workshop stations are provided to support learning activities in-class and off-class including design studios, building science and technology subject, etc. Equipment at the workshop station can be used to support the process of making models from small to real scale, research on building technology and building materials and much more.