M.Arch Introduction

About MArs
Studying at MArs UII provides a learning experience in the conceptualization, alternative designs, construction and representation of solutions to building problems in various types and scales that exist in society.

Why Study at MArs UII
•An excellent opportunity to learn and interact with community partners and the construction services industry through research and studio classes.
•Interaction between students, instructors and lecturers in various fields of compulsory, elective and extra-curricular subjects.
• Academic and professional teaching staff who are highly dedicated to academic and professional experience both nationally and internationally.
• Access to facilities such as the Design Studio (special workspace customized to the needs of students) with computer equipment, internet and printers.

Choosing a Study Path Research or Studio
Master of Architecture UII program encourages you to study anywhere, both in Indonesia or abroad. MArs UII, through the Department of Architecture, FCEP UII, has been working with various government institutions and universities abroad in Germany, Turkey, Malaysia and Singapore. So that students open to opportunities for obtaining a double degree, both nationally and internationally.
Our graduates have successfully made masterplan of rural and urban areas, while our lecturers are practitioners and educators who are experienced in obtaining academic and practical grants from national and international institutions. So that the Mars UII offers the flexibility of study path in developing graduate interests or careers.

Architectural Research Path
This study path develops various architectural and regional problems (urban and rural) through a research or study approach based on real community needs which will be formulated through the MArs UII laboratory by mentoring lecture activities in Independent Thematic Research and Advance Design Studio courses.

Architectural Studio Path
This study path develops various design (building or regional scale) through research or architecture/urban/ rural design based on real community needs which will be formulated through the MArs UII laboratory by mentoring lecture activities in Independent Thematic Research and Advance Design Studio courses.

Real Community Needs Approach
To realize the vision Enterprising Research & Community Services, Mars UII relies on the community need for real activities from the implementation of Catur Dharma UII, so we try hard to capture various community problems related to the needs of architectural buildings and urban/ rural area or built environment. MArs UII has a reliable capacity related to construction activities through design and builds and preparation of a Master Plan for Regional Thematic Development supported by a Business Plan and Action Plan.

Student will study for
• Applying architectural knowledge enterprise and skills in creative fields, technical, environmental contexts, theoretical and professional within the scope of buildings and urban/rural areas.
• integrating architectural knowledge and urban/ rural design and applying it to the various needs of the community.
• translating advanced conceptual thinking into solution schemes that combine an integrated approach and academic and professional alignment.

Enterprising Research & Community Service

• Alumni of Master of Architecture are members of IKA UII (Alumni Assossiation of Universitas Islam Indonesia).
• In order to develop the Master of Architecture, alumni users of the Master of Architecture are invited to provide input and suggestions through the User Response Questionnaire (Tracer User).


Enterprising Research and Community Services


1) Enterprising Design Research and Community Engagement,
2) Industrialization of the Architectural Component Innovation

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