History of Department

  • 1987


    Program Opening

    Architecture Program was initially opened in November 9th, 1987 through a decree issued by the Coordinator of Private Higher Education Region V (KOPERTIS Wilayah V). Initially the department enrolled 60 students. The first campus was located on Demangan Baru Street, under the Faculty on Engineering (now Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning).

  • 1989

    Registered (Entry Level)

    On February 10th, 1989, Department of Architecture recieved the status of “Registered” from the Ministry of Education Decree No. 088/0/1989



  • 1994


    Acknowledge (Mid-Level)

    Department of Architecture moved from Demangan Baru Campus to the newly established Integrated Campus, which became the main campus of UII, located on Kaliurang street, about 16 Km from Mt. Merapi. The department could increase the enrolment capacity up to 100 students a year. On July 9th, 1994, the Higher Education Decree No. 193/Dikti/Kep/1994 was received by Department of Architecture for a higher status, the “Acknowledged”.

  • 1995

    Equivalent (Hi-Level)

    By 1995, Architecture Deapartment was awarded an “Equivalent” status by the Directorate General of Higher Education Decree No. 504/Dikti/Kep/1995, dated December 30th, 1995. The status received represented the highest level achievement at that time. The enrolled number of number of students was also increased



  • 1998


    Accredited (B) - New System

    As mentioned above the BAN PT, the accreditation institution for higher education was introduced by the Ministry of Education in 1996. Department of Architecture UII was among the first institutions underwent the process and gained a success. The certificate of National Accreditation Board of Higher Education No.00 788/Ak-1/UIIAERNIII/1998, was received by August 11th, 1998, which granted the department at B (good) grade of accreditation.

  • 2003

    Accredited (A)

    Right after one period (five years), BAN PT re-accreditation was commenced in 2013 and Department of Architecture UII was accredited and awarded by highest grade of A (excellent) by the accreditation certificate No. 05 362/Ak-VI-S1-005/UIIAER/III/2003 dated March 12th, 2003. The accreditation score obtained as high as 373.26 points from the maximum of 400.



  • 2008


    Grants Winner

    By the years of 2008, 2009 and 2010 the Department has been awarded numerous national Competitive Grant “A3” from the Directorate of Higher Education consecutively. The grant was dedicated for improvement on education infrastructure, curriculum as well as human resources.

  • 2011


    The department won internal competitive grant consecutively from 2011, 2012 and 2013. The program proposed were :

    a. Adaptation of academic structure and system towards international accreditation,

    b. Development of teaching learning capacity based on Studio Culture and

    c. Strengthen input-output policies based on international requirements.



  • 2012


    5 Years Program (PPAR)

    Internationalization of the program had formally began in 2011 with the plan of implementing the double degree program (A collaboration with Saxion University of Applied Science, The Netherlands) The fifth year program of 4+1 scheme, initially started in 2012 by establishment of PPAR (Architect Professional Program).

  • 2013

    Re-Accrefited (A) - One of National Highest Scores

    Architecture Department once again has a success in 2013 for to be awarded by BAN PT a highest level accreditation grade of “A” by Certificate No. 237/SK/BAN-PT/Ak-XVI/S/XI/2013. The grade point is 379 which is one the highest scores od accreditation among the architecture schools in Indonesia.



  • 2016


    KAAB Candidacy Status. PPAR - Officially Granted

    Architecture Department UII is in the process to obtain international accreditation through KAAB and has been granted the candidacy status in January 2016, and the 5 years Program was finally granted by High Education Ministry; as the first granted program in architect professional education program.

  • 2017

    Accredited by KAAB

    epartment of Architecture has been officially accredited by Korean Architectural Accrediting Board (KAAB) which is a signatory member of Canberra Accord and an organisation recognitized by UNESCO-UIA Architectural Education Validation Board. The accreditation is valid since January 31th 2017 until January 30th 2020



  • 2018


    Re-Accredited (A)

    Department of Architecture one again has a success in 2018 for to awarded by BAN PT a highest level accreditation grade of “A” by Certificate No. 2278/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/s/VIII/2018

  • 2018

    PPAR Accredited

    PPAR became the first Architect Professional Program accredited by BAN PT by Certificate No. 172/SK/BAN-PT/Min-Akred/P-Ar/XI/2018



  • 2019


    Master Program Acredited (B)

    MARS (Master Program in Architecture) was accredited by BAN-PT by Certificate No. 1646/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/M/V/2019

  • 2020

    Full Accredited by KAAB

    Department of Architecture Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) is accredited by Korean Architectural Accrediting Board (KAAB) that one of international accreditation standard. International Full Accreditation For 4+1 (Bachelor and Professional) Program the highest level of international accreditation for Six-Year term 2020-2026. KAAB (http://eng.kaab.or.kr) is a signatory member of Canberra Accord (http://www.canberraaccord.org/) and an organization srecognized by UNESCO-UIA Architectural Education Validation Board



  • 2020


    Excellent Accreditation

    Two study programs in Department of Architecture UII, Undergraduate Program in Architecture (S1) and Architect Professional Education Program (PPAr) this time with the new national accreditation system have received recognition at the highest level from the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT) Excellent Accreditation with SK BAN-PT No.3523 / SK / BAN-PT / Akred-ITnl / S / VI / 2020 and N0.3522 / SK / BAN-PT / Akred-ITnl / PP / VI / 2020.