Most of the library facilities are concentrated in the “Mohammad Hatta” University Central Library with the collection, administrative and reading room. The main architecture library is located in the Central Library. A small library with an area of 153 m2 is also available at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning that serves as Reading Room. It provides a collection of special architectural reference books available only to be read, not to be loaned out

Information resources

This section discusses how the university provides information resources, and how the academic community, particularly students, utilize them.

Types of the Library

Currently, the information resources for architecture students are the Central library (Mohammad Hatta Building) and the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning library (Mohammad Natsir Building, 1st floor) where the architecture department is located. Books and materials collection are mostly available in the Central Library, while the references related to architecture are available in Faculty’s library.The central library,or so called Directorate of library, is stand as the central organization for the entire university’s faculties and departments library.


Both the Central Library and FCEP library are located on the same area, which is in the main campus on Universitas Islam Indonesia

Figure: Location of the libraries (refer also to Figure 4.44 and 4.45 if Subsection 4.6)

Central Library

Central library has collection of books consist of 71.488 volumes in 54.325 Categories, and periodicals, which consist of 3.855 volumes in 3.465 Categories. The Central Library building has approximately 9.000 sq m of area, comprised of 5 stories. The lower ground floor is dedicated for e-library services, while the upper ground and the 1st floors serve general collections and references. In addition to the library services, this facility also has meeting room, audiovisual room, offices and museum.

The building has very unique setting, as it located nearly the ancient hindu Siwastik temple, which assumed built on 9 – 10 BC within Mataram kingdom era. The temple was buried by the eruption of Merapi mountain and accidentally found during the excavation process of central library construction. After long process of qualified the archeological requirements, the building design was adjusted encircle the temple, which made the temple visually exposed and accessible to visitors.


The central library is open on weekdays, with service hours as follow :


  • Sunday to Friday : 08.00 – 22.00
  • Saturday : 08.00 – 16.00


Faculty library

Faculty library which accommodate architecture department has collection of books consist of 13.646 of volumes in 15.145 of Categories.


    • Facility: the Faculty library has 260 sq m with capasity of 15-25 persons. Along with the reading and collection rooms, this facility also equipped with the copy and printing services, ready to use PC’s, discussion room , and a spacious lobby.Mainly, this facility holds the architecture references collection, books from grant, bulletin, tabloid, magazine, and bachelor thesis
    • Policies: the faculty library is open on office days, from Sunday to Friday, from 08.00 to 16.00. Photocopy and printing service is available from 09.00 within office hours.




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