Center for Islamic and Nusantara Traditional Architecture (CITAR)

The Center for Islamic and Nusantara Traditional Architecture (CITAR) focuses on developing architectural design thinking that creatively (emphasizing novelty) and innovative (emphasizing on usefulness) explores the treasures of Islamic architecture and the archipelago to meet contemporary needs based on intensive studies on the topic .

Substantially this thought is based on:

  • Philosophy of Values ​​(harmony with nature, divinity, nature of human beings etc.)
  • Building tradition (shape, construction, arrangement of space, ornaments, lighting, etc.)
  • Behavior and Habits (customs, ethics, behavior, habits, etc.)
  • Historic buildings (preservation and development of historic buildings or areas)

Our experts:

  1. Munichy Bachron Edrees, Ir, M.Arch (Associate Professor)
  2. Revianto Budi Santosa, Dr (cand) (Assistant Professor)
  3. Arif Budi Sholihah, PhD (Assistant Professor)
  4. Handoyotomo, Ir, MSA (Lecturer)
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