Center for Green Urban Studies (CGUS)

The urgency to respond various problems related to ecological systems in the urban context encourages architecture to be able to provide responsive and adaptive solutions. According to the architectural perspective, this problem can be seen as a potential challenge to create concepts that are able to correlate the ecological system, human behavior, potential areas to be integrated into building design in the urban sphere.

The Center for Green Urban Studies (C-GUS) is a research center that focuses on the development process including planning, designing, implementing, building, and occupying based on a harmonious life towards green urban, city, area, landscape, architecture and human behavior .

The scope of C-GUS research in spatial aspects includes Urban Planning and Design, Landscape Design, Tourism, Housing and Human Settlements, Architecture and Site Planning, Area Specifics (Water fronts, wetland, industrial area, marine, hilly). C-GUS organizes several activities including education, research, publications and social services.
The qualitative value targeted by C-GUS is the ability to design by integrating visual characters in design and building relationships between building design and nature (Environmental Relationship)



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