Dear our new students,

We are very glad to have all of you here, in our great family, Architecture UII! Congratulation to all of you for your success in our “hard entry” exam. Only very view of applicants are accepted in our department. This year we have 1 over 10 applicants who pass trough the wall! 

Now, you are our family already. Please do not take in personal what your senior have done to you in previous PESTA or PEKTA, my apologize for that old fashion way to welcome you. However, I believe that they does not meant to hurt you, only welcoming you in their own way. They will be your great partner afterward, I believe it.

In order to be success in your study, please beware of rules and orders of our department. Only hard worker will finish their study satisfactory. Department of Architecture UII has a long achievement in architectural education. We have great studio culture with all the facilities in order to make students to study well as well as have fun altogether. We make sure that all students needs are available here. For this reason there is no reason to be unsuccessful. Don’t be worry, we are here for you!

Please check your study news in: architecture.,, and

Have a nice study!


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