Raihlah keduanya! S.Ars (Sarjana Arsitektur UII) dan B.UD (Bachelor of Urban Design Saxion Univ)

Diberitahukan kepada mahasiswa Arsitektur UII untuk menempuh program double degree dengan Saxion University Negeri Belanda. Anda mahasiswa arsitektur semeseter 5 yang punya IPK 3 ke atas, TOEFL 550, bersedia setahun di Belanda untuk melaksanakan semester 7 dan 8. STUPA 7 dan Proyek Akhir Sarjana (PAS) akan anda kerjakan di Department of Urban Design Saxion ditambah mata kuliah yang ditentukan.

Basic Ideas:

> 3 years in home university and 1 (final) year at Saxion University  

> Double degree: Sarjana from home university and Bachelor of Applied Science from Saxion University

> After graduation you can stay in the Netherlands 1 more year to find a job, special visa is given

> Employee for international Dutch company as innovative knowledge worker for several years


> GPA min. 3

> TOEFL PBT min 550 or IBT min 79 or IELTS min 6

> interested in applied sciences

> out going, highly motivated, easily adjust to new situation

Deadline for aplication: 1 June every year

Fee: Total cost for one year study and live in the Netherlands is around 15,000 euro all in includes: tuition fee, accommodation, deposit, visa, insurance, living cost, ticket. 

Financial Support:

1. Saxion Holland Top Talent Scholarship – given to outstanding students. A reduction of the tuition fee of 6,000 Euro. Requirements: excellent GPA, IBT TOEFL >=90 or IELTS >= 6.5

2. Living Technology Scholarships – given to students who do Engineering study program. A grant of 10,000 Euro. Requirements: excellent GPA, IBT TOEFL >=90 or IELTS >= 6.5

3. Beasiswa Unggulan – given by the Indonesian Ministry of Education Not certain, every year regulation is changed. Condition: you are accpeted by Saxion University Deadline is in June every year. You apply through your home university (ITS, Undip, UGM, Petra, STTS, UII). Complete information at

4. Bantuan Keberangkatan ke LN – given by the Indonesian Ministry of Education (amount Rp 5 million)


Students are allowed to work part time 10 hours/week

During graduation project in the company student gets income for minimum 300 euro/month (min 1,500 euro/semester)

After graduation, there is opportunity to work in Dutch companies/industries for 1 – 5 years as knowledge workers.

Standard income for young graduates is 26,000 Euro (gross)/year —– 18,000 Euro (net)/year (1,500 Euro/month)

Normal living cost is 800 – 1,000 Euro/month, so you can still save 500 – 700 Euro/month





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