Journal of Architectural Research and Design Studies

Journal of Architectural Research and Design Studies (JARS) is a discursive venue for research groups, lectures and tutors and students emphasizing architectural education in Indonesian context. It connects education realm with building industries and architectural practices. This journal is internationally peer reviewed / refereed.

JARS contains variety of architectural topics on architectural history and theory and criticism, structure and building science as well as design practices. The Journal encourages discursive architecture on marginalized community, gender, race or ethnicity, as well as multicultural and participatory approach.

Journal of Architectural Research and Design Studies (JARS) is an international journal published by Department of ArchitectureUniversitas Islam Indonesia. The research article submitted to this online journal will be peer-reviewed by at least 2 (two) reviewers. Final decision of articles acceptance will be made by Editors according to Reviewers feedback.

The publication of an article in a peer-reviewed journal JARS is a significant contribution to architectural research especially for architectural education and its relevance to building industries and architectural practices as well as to the process of improving science in architecture. The articles support and embody the scientific method. It is therefore important to agree upon standards of expected ethical behaviour for the author, the editor, the peer reviewer, and the publisher.

Department of Architecture of Universitas Islam Indonesia as publishers take their duties of guardianship over all stages of publishing extremely seriously and we recognise our ethical and other responsibilities.

JARS is committed to ensuring that advertising, reprint or other commercial revenue has no impact or influence on editorial decisions.

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