Even Semester 2017/2018 Classes Commence

Helo guys,

Semester Genap or Even Semester (Spring Semester) 2017/2018 has commenced! The first day classes open by studio program of STUPA2, STUPA 4 and STUPA6 general lectures in auditorium FCEP UII Monday and Tuesday February 25-26th, 2018. All students from 2,4 and 6th semesters with great enthusiasm, are starting their studios. One of the evens was also enlivened by FuturArch magazine by giving them some architectural magazines. STUPA 2 project will bring the second semester student with the new more integrated project than before. Function base on simple activities and anthropomorphic is introduced in the 2nd studio. On the fourth semester, students are given the challenge to accommodate to their design project the special function on urban environment with some partial existing building on the site. While the 6th semester, students will have task to do a project as a simulation of real architectural consultant works.

Semester opening was initially open by the Head of Department Noor Cholis Idham PhD, IAI. Just like the previous semester, teachers and students asked to utilize Classroom for the courses process. Blue Ribbon Awards are also will be given to the three best works in every studio. All studios will guided by lecturers which experts on the field. External experts are also will be involved to the studio from architecture and other interdisciplinary fields such as from civil engineer, mechanical and equipment, environmental control etc. To do the projects, all students are served by 24hr studios including laboratories, computer system, library, workshop rooms etc, where broadband internet, security system, cafeteria, are dedicated for them. With these facilities, we expect student can finish their semester with great result!

Have a nice semester all!