Admission Information for International Students

This information about Admission Information for Internation Students. The online application is available on;y for students who are intending to study at UII.  You can apply online to The requirements to be prepared before starting the online application are:

  1. Certified copies of your graduation certificate and academic transcript (if the language is other than English, please kindly provide the translation documents with an official stamp from the translator office).
  2. The color scan of the first (photo) page of your passport.
  3. Letter of guarantee of sufficient funds*.
  4. Letter of good health*.
  5. Current curriculum vitae/resume.
  6. Statement of purpose.
  7. A declaration stating that you will not work on your study visa and you will obey Indonesian law*.
  8. Passport-sized photos with a red background.

*The templates can be downloaded at *