Curriculum for PPAR

The Implementation of “In Campus” Studio for PPAr Professional Studio 1 and 2 within the PPAr are conducted “off campus”. This method is a result of negotiations between UII and IAI (Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia – Indonesian Institute of Architects) of Yogyakarta Branch, prior to the commencement of PPAr because UII wanted its PPAr graduates to […]

Curriculum M.Ars

Di dalam kerangka Kurikulum Magister Arsitektur UII, keilmuan yang akan dikembangkan adalan Arsitektur yang difokuskan pada Islamic Architeture for All dengan memperhatikan aspek Sustainability dan lokalitas “Nusantara Archipelago” (Kepulauan Nusantara). Pendekatan kurikulum Magister Arsitektur didasarkan pada tingkat kemampuan kerja level kualifikasi 8 (delapan) yaitu Program Magister. Tabel Kata kunci tingkat kemampuan kerja dalam deskripsi KKNI […]

General Discription

Structure of the Curriculum With the establishment of PPAr as an integrated part of Architectural Education, Curriculum 2013 is structured to include both Bachelor and Professional programs with optional termination at the end of the fourth year. Curriculum 2013 of Department of Architecture UII consists of Core Curriculum or National Curriculum as stipulated by IASA […]

Curriculum 2013

CURRICULUM  2013 Currently, Department of Architecture UII run Curriculum 2013. This is the first curriculum designed for 5-year program consisting of 4-year Bachelor program as the Pre-Professional Program in Architecture and 1-year Professional Program in Architecture. Competences as defined by IAI. All of these criteria are distributed in courses in the Bachelor and Professional program. […]

History of the Curriculum

HISTORY OF CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT To achieve competence of the graduates as formulated above, Department of Architecture UII develop curriculum as the fundamental design for learning content and process. Since its establishment in 1987, the Department have implemented 5 curriculums, which are Curriculum 1987, 1995, 2002, 2008, dan 2013. These Curriculums are desugned with primary concerns […]

Program Overview

Vision of Department of Architecture Vision Statement The aim of the Architecture Department at Universitas Islam Indonesia is to be among the top three institutions, as ranked by the National Accreditation Board, and with an international reputation.  Committed to perfection and Islamic values in the field of education, research, community services and da’wa. The Architecture […]

Kurikulum 2013: Tugas Akhir, Studio Perancangan 7 dan Karya Tulis Ilmiah

Seiring dengan tujuan Kurikulum 2013 untuk mencapai taraf kompetensi yang setara internasional maka Tugas Akhir Kesarjanaan diupayakan merupakan sebuah produk yang serbacakup (komprehensif) yang mengekspresikan kedalaman riset dan ketrampilan perancangan. Untuk itu diperlukan sebuah rangkaian yang koheren dari mata kuliah sebelumnya terutama Studio Perancangan Arsitektur 7 dan Karya Tulis Ilmiah (KTI). Pada kurikulum 2013 ini […]

Curriculum S1 – Bachelor in Architectural Engineering

The curriculum of the bachelor degree in Architecture emphases on the development of design skill and entrepreneurship of the graduates. Creativity in spatial utilization,  sensitive to site and people and strong individual characteristics are the qualities tries to be achieved by our curriculum and academic atmosphere. It takes 4 years comprising in total 152 credit of sks (credit system in Indonesia). The courses are clustered in four teaching groups namely: History, Theory and Criticism (HTC), Building Science  & Technology (BCT), Urban, Housing & Landscape (UHL) and supported by Institutional Character teaching group. All architectural groups of tutors (HTC, BCT, UHL) are integrated in developing design studios conducting the Integrated Design Skill (IDS) courses.  

The structure of this Bachelor degree (see more)

Curriculum in 5th year (Architect Professional Program PPAR)

Pendidikan Profesi Arsitek (PPAR) or Professional Program of Architect offers a 1 year professional program leading to “Arsitek” ready for licensure by the Indonesian Institute of Architect (Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia – IAI) as the program has been endorsed by them. The curriculum develops students a strong ability in handling both for public and private clients in professional level of services. The “Professional Studio” utilizes real and mirror projects conducted by our strategic partners or by the Lembaga Bantuan Arsitektur (LBA). The tutors of the program come not only from internal staffs of the Department but also from the Indonesian Institute of Architect (IAI). The curriculum complies to the IAI requirement. 

Curriculum Structure of the Professional Program of Architect (more)

13 Professional Competence | IAI

The Department also refers its curriculum to the “13 Professional Competence” of the Indonesian Institute of Architects or Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia (IAI). Those competences are described as follows.