Staff Contacts

No Name Position Contact 1. Nandang Sutrisno, MH, LLM, PhD Rector Phone:+62274898444.ex1301 Email: 2. lya Fadjar Maharika, MA., Ir, Dr.Ing, IAI. Vice Rector I (Academic Affairs) Phone:+62274898444.ex1302 Email: 3. Nur Feriyanto, M.Si, Drs, Dr. Vice Rector II (Internal Affairs) Phone:+62274898444.ex1303 Email: 4. Agus Taufiq, Ir, Msc. Vice Rector III (Collaboration, Alumni, and Student Affairs) Phone:+62274898444.ex1305 […]

Curriculum 2013

CURRICULUM  2013 Currently, Department of Architecture UII run Curriculum 2013. This is the first curriculum designed for 5-year program consisting of 4-year Bachelor program as the Pre-Professional Program in Architecture and 1-year Professional Program in Architecture. Competences as defined by IAI. All of these criteria are distributed in courses in the Bachelor and Professional program. […]

History of the Curriculum

HISTORY OF CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT To achieve competence of the graduates as formulated above, Department of Architecture UII develop curriculum as the fundamental design for learning content and process. Since its establishment in 1987, the Department have implemented 5 curriculums, which are Curriculum 1987, 1995, 2002, 2008, dan 2013. These Curriculums are desugned with primary concerns […]

Architecture Education and Professional Practice in Indonesia

The Role of Architecture in the Society and Reconcile Conflict of Interests amongst Various Groups regarding the Spatial Environment Understanding the role of architecture in society and reconcile the conflict of interests among various interest groups regarding the spatial environment is cultivated through several courses, including Informal Urbanism, Sustainable Environment, Introduction to Urban Design, and […]

Architect Professional Program UII

The Professional Program in the Department of Architecture UII (PPAR/Year 5) The establishment of professional program (PPAR) in the department of architecture UII is stated in the Strategic Plan of UII (University Renstra) year 2014-2018 in correlation with the re-design of university, faculty, and department organization of UII. The establishment plan then elaborated in detail […]

Architecture Education in Indonesia

Architectural Education, Qualification to Practice, and the Registration System History of Architectural Education in Indonesia The architectural education in Indonesia was established in 1950 with the opening of ‘Bouwkundige Afdeeling’ (Building Section) at the Fakulteit Teknik (Faculty of Engineering) Universitas Indonesia in Bandung (ITB). The educational program is implemented to produce Insinyur Arsitek (Architecture Engineer) […]

Architecture Education UII

Department of Architecture Program and UII Future Goal The five year program of department of architecture is established in line with the vision and mission of UII. As mentioned in the previous section, the first vision of UII is towards UII as ‘a mercy to the world’. It has translated in the vision of the […]

Program Overview

Vision of Department of Architecture Vision Statement The aim of the Architecture Department at Universitas Islam Indonesia is to be among the top three institutions, as ranked by the National Accreditation Board, and with an international reputation.  Committed to perfection and Islamic values in the field of education, research, community services and da’wa. The Architecture […]

Kuliah Umum Kode Etik Keprofesian Arsitek IAI

Pendidikan Profesi Arsitek Jurusan Arsitektur FTSP UII dengan Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia D.I. Yogyakarta kembali mengadakan kerjasama yaitu dalam rangka Penataran Kode Etik, Strata 1 dan 2 IAI untuk mahasiswa Angkatan IV periode 2015/2016. Dari rangkaian tersebut, kami mengundang mahasiswa dan alumni Arsitektur UII untuk ikut dalam Kuliah Umum  Kode Etik Keprofesian Arsitek IAI dengan tema […]

Preparatory Lecture Series PAS Semester Ganjil 2015/2016

Berikut adalah jadwal Preparatory Lecture Series PAS Semester Ganjil 2015/2016