Wisnu Hendrawan Bayuaji

Wisnu H. Bayuaji is a lecturer at Architecture Department whose interest is in regenerative architecture with special focus on visual regeneration of space. He has developed his expertise in lighting and visual engineering for more than a decade through academic activities, research and professional practice. He currently serves as the Head of Building Performance and Technology Laboratory at the Architecture Department.

1. A Study on the Influence of Illuminance Quality to Student’s Performance of Visual Activities: Case Study of Architecture Studio Room in Universitas Islam Indonesia
2. Co-Working Space Productive Lightscape. Analisis Pencahayaan yang Membangun Suasana Ruang Produktif pada Co-Working Space
3. Pengaruh Warna Terhadap Wayfinding Calon Penumpang di Dalam Bandara. Studi Kasus Terminal 3 Bandara Soekarno-Hatta
4. Pengaruh Pencahayaan Terhadap Anak Autisme Dengan Pendekatan Healing Environment
5. Kajian Perpustakaan Kota Yogyakarta Ditinjau dari Aspek Kenyamanan Visual dan Ruang

[email protected]

Research Interest: Sustainable Built Environment Center


  • Bachelor of Architecture from Islamic University of Indonesia, Yogyakarta in 2001.
  • Master of Arts from Hochschule Wismar, Germany in 2006.
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