bachelor degree of architecture


Degree and Programm in Department of Architecture UII

Degree granted to the graduates based on the program. Graduates of the Bachelor Program in Architecture or Program Sarjana Arsitektur are awarded the title of Bachelor of Architecture or Sarjana Arsitektur abbreviated as S.Ars. For those graduating from PPAr after they finished their Bachelor Program are awarded the degree of Architect or Arsitek abbreviated as […]

Architecture Education UII

Department of Architecture Program and UII Future Goal The five year program of department of architecture is established in line with the vision and mission of UII. As mentioned in the previous section, the first vision of UII is towards UII as ‘a mercy to the world’. It has translated in the vision of the […]

Curriculum S1 – Bachelor in Architectural Engineering

The curriculum of the bachelor degree in Architecture emphases on the development of design skill and entrepreneurship of the graduates. Creativity in spatial utilization,  sensitive to site and people and strong individual characteristics are the qualities tries to be achieved by our curriculum and academic atmosphere. It takes 4 years comprising in total 152 credit of sks (credit system in Indonesia). The courses are clustered in four teaching groups namely: History, Theory and Criticism (HTC), Building Science  & Technology (BCT), Urban, Housing & Landscape (UHL) and supported by Institutional Character teaching group. All architectural groups of tutors (HTC, BCT, UHL) are integrated in developing design studios conducting the Integrated Design Skill (IDS) courses.  

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