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Degree and Programm in Department of Architecture UII

Degree granted to the graduates based on the program. Graduates of the Bachelor Program in Architecture or Program Sarjana Arsitektur are awarded the title of Bachelor of Architecture or Sarjana Arsitektur abbreviated as S.Ars. For those graduating from PPAr after they finished their Bachelor Program are awarded the degree of Architect or Arsitek abbreviated as Ar.

Table Degrees and Programs



Profiles of Graduates

Professional Program

Arsitek (Ar.)


Professional Junior Architect practicing independently as entrepreneur or serving and empowering communities in the field of building design

Professional Junior Architect applying his or her knowledge and skills by working in design consultant firm and other related fields in construction services, or working in educational institutions and government offices

Bachelor Program

Sarjana Arsitektur


Bachelor in Architecture

Graduates ready to apply his or her knowledge and skills in the fields of design and construction services, and ready to develop his or her competence as professional architect

Graduates ready to develop his or her knowledge and skills in the field of education and research

Graduates ready to apply his or her knowledge and skills related to design and planning

Graduates ready to apply his or her knowledge and skills related to design and planning by initating business or working for other people

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Architecture Education UII

Department of Architecture Program and UII Future Goal

The five year program of department of architecture is established in line with the vision and mission of UII. As mentioned in the previous section, the first vision of UII is towards UII as ‘a mercy to the world’. It has translated in the vision of the department of architecture regarding its commitment and sensitivity in creating a sustainable environment, with consideration and concern for marginal groups. The second vision of UII to become an internationally recognized university is translated in the vision of the department to become the best top three of similar architecture program in Indonesia, as ranked by the National Accreditation Board and to produce global qualified graduates (international reputation) but at the same time having a strong Indonesia’s best character.

Faculty Member and Student Recruitment Criteria

The selection of faculty member is prepared through open recruitment process published through university website and national mass media. The general criteria are the academic qualification, research interest, teaching specialist, English (TOEFL), and Islamic knowledge. The academic requirement is hold a Master Degree, but Doctoral Degree (Ph.D) is preferable. Research interest is necessary to be selected to meet the need of the curriculum that is applied in order to achieve expertise and excellence to such field of knowledge. Teaching specialist is required to test the candidate in terms of pedagogic ability and interest in teaching as a profession. English proficiency showed by such standard for example TOEFL is utilized to meet the criteria for English as standard to achieve global communication and achievement. Last but not least is Islamic knowledge, as an Islamic based values university, UII needs to make sure that the human resources in this case academic staff have the basic ability to the realize the vision of UII as mercy to the world (rahmatan lil alamin).

Currently, the faculty member of the Department of Architecture UII consist of thirty-three full-time faculty members, with eight of them are Ph.D holders, four Ph.D candidates, and the rest are master degree holders.  Most of the faculty members are graduates from national and international reputable universities, including University of Newcastle, University of York, University of Nottingham, University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales, University of South Victoria, Bauhaus University, Cottbus University, Wismar University of Technology Business and Design Germany, Cologne University of Applied Sciences Germany, Anhalt University of Applied Science, McGill University Canada, ITC Netherlands, Cyprus University, Fatih Mehmet University Turkey, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Universitas Gadjah Mada, so on and so forth. Sixth of them are full-professional architect accredited by the Indonesian Institutes of Architects (IAI).

The selection criteria for the students are generally following the criteria defined in the university level, i.e., Paper Based Test (PBT), Computer Based Test (CBT), and GPA (Grade Point Average) based Recruitment (PSB) (for more detail see sub-section 4.3 on Student Information).

Development of Democratic Decision Making Process in the University

Over the last decade UII has introduced a more democratic and collective atmosphere of decision making which involving stakeholders including the students, for example on the selection of Rector and his/her deputies. The student’s league is also elected democratically and independently (without intrusion from the university) by the students both at the university, faculty, and department level.

The Provision of Access of Vital Information for the Students

UII has developed access of vital information for the students through IT Infrastructure and facilities. Information system through IT for academic information (SIMAK) can be assessed through internet not only for the students, but also for lecturers, and parents. Computers are available in many areas in the campus through intranet and internet to facilitate the students in accessing their record and other academic information as well as scientific resource (journal database). Recently Social Media is also intensively used by the department of architecture to disseminate important information such as through Facebook and Twitters.  Library catalogue search can be done through online (SIMPUS) inside the library across UII campus (refer to section 4.6 on Information Resources for details).  

Provision of Opportunities to Participate in Domestic and International Practice

The department of architecture provides opportunities for the student to participate in domestic and international practice through Internship Program. Student competition such as PKM (Student Creativity Program) in national level is an annual program organized by the Ministry of Higher Education to encourage students to do research, developing models, implement their knowledge for the community, and publish their ideas or research findings in a journal/seminar paper. Other student competition, such as design competition is regularly published in the department to encourage the students to contend their design in national and international level.  

Collaborative program with foreign institutions has initiated in the department including research collaboration, summer and winter program, student exchange, and etc. for more than a decade. Recently some collaborative program with other national and international institutions, including Summer Camp on Bamboo and Parametric Design ITB, Summer School and Winter School with EMU, Turkey, and Workshop on Dome Architecture in Japan.

UII provides environment that inspires and encourage creativity and self-confidence for the students through the provision of art spaces, galleries, university museum, Warung Prancis (French Information Booth – in collaboration with the Embassy of France), and open theatre. UniShop is built to also give the opportunity for the students to open their Start Up business to develop the self-promotion for the students through entrepreneurship.  

Bachelor in Architecture (Hons) Program