UII central campus is established in 1990 within 36 hectares area, situated in the northern part of Yogyakarta. This campus provides outstanding academic facilities, including auditoriums, rectorat building, central library, faculty libraries, IRC (resource centre), laboratories, galleries, and a university museum. In terms of supporting facilities, there are grand mosque, gymnasium, medical clinic, pharmacy, UniShop (bookstore, minimarket, and bank), and also student dormitories to support a convenience campus living for the student and staff. Alumni and Career Centre (ACC) building is also provided to establish and strengthen cooperation amongst the graduates and as a Jobcentre which can be beneficial for the graduates for their future as professionals.

UII central campus is designed with green and sustainable concept provides green connectivity of sidewalks around the campus area. Parks and green open spaces, including sitting spaces also provided to create green and healthy campus living. Smoking free campus with convenience walking and cycling environment has also been introduced in recent years to enhance the quality of life of the UII academia. As a result, in terms of the quality of physical resources, the UII central campus is awarded as one of the Top Ten Green Campus in Indonesia (UI GreenMetric World University Ranking, 2015) and Indonesia Green Awards (Green Campus Category) by La Trofi School in 2014.

A continuous improvement of physical resources in the university and department of architecture level is engaged including the development of IT Infrastructure through provision of WI-FI connection across the campus area, IRC (Information Resource Centre) which provides updated reference book, e-book, printable and online journals, research report, laboratory report, and also research centre report. The quality of classrooms is also improved through the provision of audiovisual rooms, small group classrooms, and studios dedicated to each faculty members or research centre.