Nensi Golda Yuli

Well-versed Architecture expert with track record for consistently engaging students in stimulating and relevant material. Conscientious educator with learning objectives of each student in mind. Results-oriented, charismatic speech giver cognizant of test preparedness and student interest, adapting to feedback where necessary. Dynamic Lecturer with 16 years of successful design studio teaching experience. Known for interesting lectures with helpful supporting materials and detail-oriented classroom management. Dedicated to individual student success and comprehensive understanding. Innovative Architecture professor mindful of student engagement and interest who thrives on experiential learning. Time-tested designer of targeted lectures with audience in mind, devising most effective methods for helping participants acquire intended information. Creative thinker with flexibility to allow audience to guide direction of lectures and achieve most out of interdisciplinary education experience.


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  • Nensi G. Yuli, Sri Haningsih, Radhika Adi Krisna. 2014. The Common Room Design of Islamic Boarding School: A Preliminary Research in Yogyakarta Islamic Boarding School. Vol 11 Is 4
Secretary of Department of Architecture
[email protected]

Research Interest: Center for Islamic and Nusantara Architecture


  • Universitas Islam Indonesia  (ST, Architecture)
  • Universitas Gadjah Mada  (MT, Architecture)
  • Bauhaus-Universität Weimar Germany  (Dr.-Ing. Architecture)
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