International Undergraduate Program in Architecture – Arch.IP

The international accreditation has given more confidence to the Department of Architecture UII to launch the International Undergraduate Program Program (IP) in September 2017. Experiences in conducting bilingual courses (in Bahasa Indonesia and in English) for several semesters, including in Architectural Design Studios and Elective Courses, also brought the Department to come into this decision. IP aims to equip students with necessary knowledge, skills and values to be intellectual global leaders who uphold Islamic values. For this IP offers a particular program named Character Building Program Series.

In this first year of the opening of the program, the Department received many attentions and interests from the regular students who were then transferred to IP. Surprisingly, the number of students who registered as this first Arch-IP batch was forty-six students or almost third of all new students. In fact, Department of Architecture UII is among the small number of Architecture Schools in Indonesia that offers an international undergraduate program. Prospective students must complete an English test in prior with scores equivalent with TOEFL 500, so that this would become part of the Department’s assets in order maintain and strengthen its competitiveness in the regional level.

IP also encourage the students to experience and to expose themselves in a global atmosphere through several international mobility program with FSMVU Turkey and Wismar University of Applied Science, Germany. Furthermore, the Erasmus+ Student Mobility Grant has provided more chances and increased the level of competitiveness in domestic and international levels. In addition, it has also been agreed to extend this exchange scheme to wider collaborations. Passage to ASEAN (P2A) Program offered the students a chance to visit and attend lectures at several universities located in different countries in Southeast Asia during the semester break. All of these programs have provided the students the international environment experiences that enabled them to embrace the cultural diversity and to understand the importance of mutual cooperation.

In February 2019, the Department of Architecture UII receives two visiting professors: from Universiti Malaya, Malaysia and from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. They would provide the students with international academic atmosphere in the classroom. The engagement of these professors in our academic activities will also boost the students’ confidence, expand their knowledge as well as experience. Furthermore, with the means of excellence that it has to offer, the Department has attracted international students to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Architecture at Universitas Islam Indonesia.

1. Program mobilitas internasional (summer schools, student exchange/semester abroad, overseas workshops, etc)
2. Character Building Program Series (bridging programs, leadership training, workshops)
3. Proses belajar mengajar menggunakan Bahasa Inggris
4. Fasilitas belajar internasional classroom

Vision Statement

1. School of Architecture of Universitas Islam Indonesia which has a global reputation and is rooted in the excellence of Indonesian character
2. School of Architecture of Universitas Islam Indonesia which is committed to create a built environment that is responsive to community empowerment and environmental preservation
3. School of Architecture of Universitas Islam Indonesia that produced entrepreneurial professional architects through a coherent tradition of design education and study

Mission Statement

1. Educate students to become Bachelor of Architecture and professional architects who are committed to create a built environment that empowers the poor and preserves the environment;
2. Educate students to become Bachelor of Architecture and Excellent professional architects through the studio-based integrative learning process that expresses the absolute value of sensitivity to users and the environment, the courage to innovate in all fields and dedicate themselves to the pursuit of perfection of works through the development of a careful, based on in depth studies and present them with high quality
3. Educate students to become Bachelor of Architecture and professional architects who are creative, competent in comprehensive design and have the tenacity of entrepreneurial spirit (Creative Design Entrepreneur).

Goals Statement

1. To provide students in achieving excellent capability on architectural communication, critical thinking and adaptive knowledge of architecture.
2. To improve the skill of student in comprehensive design skills on a building scale sustainability.
3. To afford students in science and building technology based on environmental sustainability
4. To nurture students in developing their awareness on sensitivity to nature and, socio-cultural contexts, to marginal societies.
5. To provide students the skill and professional ethics based on universal values and Islamic values

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