Fixed studio is studio space facility dedicated to each student in every semester. Starting from 3rd semester, students are free to work by their own space, specially for their studio. They are also free to work there for other course tasks. Combine with the 24 hours studio, they can manage themselves in this semi ‘private room’ after their session with the lecturer and assistant.

There are four zones fixed studio in every semester: Studio 3 which is called ‘pre-fixed studio’, is provided only for 3rd semester students for Architectural Design Studio (ADS3) and main architectural courses. The rest ADS are provided exclusively with full fixed studios which are Studio 4-5, Studio 6-7, and Studio 8. Studio 8 is also known for ‘Final Project Studio’ for 4 year program (Bachelor of Design Studies in Architecture. B.D.Arch). Beside that, there are also fixed studio for 9th and 10th semester which is under Professional Program of Architect (PPAr).