Baritoadi Buldan Rayaganda Rito

BARITOADI BULDAN RAYAGANDA RITO is an Assistent Professor at Department of Architecture Universitas Islam Indonesia in Sleman, Yogyakarta. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Islamic University of Indonesia in 1997 and Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Anhalt University of Applied Science, Germany in 2014. Currently he teaches in Bachelor degree and 1 year Architect professional program, where he mainly holds Studio architecture design and professional studio. In Department of Architecture Universitas Islam Indonesia, his research focus has been in the field of Professional practices, landscape and urban realms, Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Architecture, and Green buildings following his main interest on professional consultancy and communication.

His research topic range within landscape and natural habitat, to the sustainability aspects of building design, as currently he begin to developed more interest towards BIM utilization on professional occupation, specially as design tools. As a holder of Professional Architect, landscape and Green building expert certificates, his experiences in design are ranges within the field of public building and open spaces such as health facilities, offices, educational, public park and others, where he involved as principal architect, landscape designer, and green building specialist. He also involved in Indonesian Architect association (IAI) as a vice of professional and education affair for the period of 2019 – 2022, following his previous involvement as a commite member for several years


Idham, Noor Cholis & Buldan Rayaganda Rito, Baritoadi (2020).Riverbank Slums, Kampong Organisations and Sustainability Issues of Urban Landscapes: The Case of Code Settlements Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In Uhrig, Nicole (Ed). Zukunftsfähige Perspektiven
in der Landschaftsarchitektur für Gartenstädte, City – Country – Life. (199-209). Wiesbaden, Germany. SpringerVS

  • Buldan Rayaganda Rito, Baritoadi & Idham, Noor Cholis (2019). Landscape Design Approach in Heritage Context, Case study: Emmahaven Port Coal Storage Facilities Sawahlunto City, West Sumatra. Journal of Architectural Research and Design Studies, Vol 3 No 1, 51-61.
  • Buldan Rayaganda Rito, Baritoadi (2017).Pemanfaatan Constructed Wetland sebagai bagian dari rancangan lansekap ruang publik yang berwawasan ekologis studi kasus Houtan Park China.Jurnal Sains & Teknologi Lingkungan (JSTL), vol 9 No 1, 46-59.
[email protected]

Research Interest: Center for Computational Architecture


  • Universitas Islam Indonesia  (ST, Architecture)
  • Anhalt University of Applied Science, Germany (MA, Master of Landscape Architecture,)
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