Staff Team

Sahid Faoji, S.ST.
(Administration Staff of Department)

(Administration Staff of Undergraduate Program in Architecture)

Annisa Ritasari, S.I.Kom., M.M
(Administration Staff of International Undergraduate Program in Architecture)

Isnaini Nur Khikmah, S.Si
(Financial Staff of Department)

(Administrative Staff of Bachelor Final Project and Academic Writing)

Siti Noor Khodijah, S.S
(Administration Staff of Master of Architecture)

Lina Wijayanti, S.T
(Administration Staff of Professional Program of Architect)

Andri Kurniawati,A.Md
(Assistant Staff of Department)

Peita Shintara Sekar Buana, S.Ars
(Assistant Staff of Professional Program of Architect)

Fahmi Afifah
(Administration Staff of Laboratory of Architectural Modeling and Urbanism)

M. Nasrullah, S.Ars
(Administration Staff of Laboratory of Form and Place Making)

Aris Sunanto
(Administration Staff of Laboratory of Building Performance and Technology)