Faculty Spaces

Faculty Offices

The Department of Architecture has 33 full-time lecturers. Lecturer/faculty office rooms are provided on the 1st . The faculty office comprises of 12 lecturer rooms : 6 lecturer rooms which each has an area of 18 m2, 3 lecturer rooms which each has an area of approximately 13,5 m2, 2 lecturer  rooms which each has an area of 36 m2, and one lecturer room which an area of approximately 40,5 m2. The faculty office on the 1st floor is also equipped with a conference room of 60 m2 . Six lecturers occupy space in the laboratory because of their duties on the Laboratory.

Workshop and Research

Laboratories in the Architecture Department serve currently more as a supporting facilities for learning (‘teaching laboratory’) than that for research (‘research laboratory’). There are 3 laboratories in the Architecture Design: the Architectural Design Laboratory (ADL), Digital Architectural Laboratory (DAL) dan Building Technology Laboratory (BTL).

The ADL is located on the 4th floor with a total area of 198 m2. Facilities available in the ADL include rooms for Modelling Workshop, Photography, Storage, Pantry and Lab Chief/Staff room. Room for Modelling Workshop with an area of 72 m2 is equipped with 2 grinder, 1 laser cutter, 5 pieces A2 cutting mat and 15 pieces A3 cutting mat. Camera, lighting studio and desk are available in the modelling workshop room.

The DAL located on the 3rd floor with an area of 198 m2 provides facility for digital workshop with an area 108 m2, which is equipped with 52 computers, 10 lap top and licensing software ArchiCAD 19, Revit 2015, Grasshoper, Rhynoceros 5, Energy Plus, Radiance and Design Builder. There are also the DAL chief and staff room as well as appliance warehouse.

The BTL nestled on the 4th floor with a total area of 144 m2 provides spaces for practicum devices and models, workshop, storage, as well as for the BTL chief and staff. The 56 m2 Workshop Room is used for practicums, student assistances and group discussion. The BTL Laboratory is equipped with Heliodon, Shaking Table (dynamic load testing tool) and Static Load Test tool, as well as demonstration models of building structure and construction. There is also another Modelling Workshop Room equipped with carpentry equipment with an area of 108 m2. That Building Construction Modelling Workshop Room is separately located from the FTSP building, occupies on one story building near the FTSP building.


Storage space with a total area of 216 m2 is located on the 4th floor, in the form of ‘cavities’ on the outer edge of the building. The ‘cavities’ is designated as a storage for students works. The corridor and circulation space of Laboratories are also utilized for storaging as well as displaying models.  

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