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    Maybe we used to hear parents say that not too often to play games, study diligently to achieve goals. It actually only applies in the past that is before the technology world develops. However, if viewed from the current technological developments. It’s been a lot of emerging online games that make money.

    The Best 5 Online Generated Money Game In Indonesia

    Game generating money millions of rupiah is divided into two categories where you can get money for free but there is also a condition such as deposit. Here admin already shared two categories for you. Please choose to try playing online games that make money without deposit or otherwise.

    Dota 2

    Who has never heard of this one game name? Dota 2 is a strategy game that demands speed of thinking and thoroughness and high teamwork in one team. This game may be a bit difficult to learn at first. But with the intention and determination it is not impossible for you to be a pro player dota 2. This money-producing online game is growing rapidly globally and has changed from a hobby to a lifestyle for young people.

    Dota 2 currently holds the record as a money-making online game without a deposit with the largest total prize. Last year alone, the best moba game is able to collect a total prize of 270 billion rupiah. If you are less powerful and difficult to compete at international level, there are still many tournaments that are routinely done every week and month. Many sponsors like ASUS, MSI, Logitec, Razer and Steelseries often run championships every week and try to advance the world of eSports in the country.

    League of Legends

    The best game from Riot is one of the best moba games available today. Although the total International League tournament prize of the League of Legends (LOL) has not been able to keep up close competitors. According to a survey conducted it is known that the League of Legends is the best money online game the most popular. In Indonesia alone this money-making online game is under the auspices of Garena.

    Playing the League of Legends can make money just like Dota 2. The way it can be with the tournament is routinely held by garena every year. You can win a prize of 100 million rupiah for the 1st winner in the League of Legends garuda series (LGS) game. Underneath there is a tournament called Glorious Arena and also teemo cup for beginners. The method of buying and selling accounts and services boosting ranking is still a popular money-making method.

    Mobile Legends

    The next free money-making online game is Mobile Legends. This game is similar to Elder Dota 2 and Lol. The difference is Mobile Legends can be played anywhere because using mobile media. Therefore this game is often also called by gamers as an online game android moneymaker.

    In Indonesia alone the development of mobile legends is very rapid. Everyone from all walks of life is enchanted and wants to try to play. ML (mobile legends name) often hold tournaments with a sizeable prize and not only in Indonesia alone. There is a career path that you can take by playing this game. Boosting ranking and selling vouchers are two of the most effective ways to generate rupiah coins from this money-producing android game in addition to being a pro player Indonesian esports at agenonlinesbobet.

    Arena Of Valor (AOV)

    Competition is so tight between Mobile Legends and Arena Of Valor. You could say that the competition of these two money-making game is quite intense. Just as dota 2 and league of legends. AOV is under the auspices of Garena in Indonesia. Not long ago the AoV tournament was able to present the competition with a total of 2 billion prizes, great friend? To make money from Arena Of Valor is more or less the same as Mobile legends where you can try to sell accounts and provide a boosting ranking service.

    Counter Strike And Point Blank

    Do not you like the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game? Prefer to play a shootout game? Or a war game? Counter Strike (CS) and Point Blank (PB) are perfect for you to play. Cs and PB is already a king of FPS games (First Person Shooting) in Indonesia since last few years. Cs is a game of shooting Steam output while PB is under Garena Indonesia.

    To make money from Counter Strike: Global Offensive is still slightly more difficult than Point blank. But if you talk about graphics Cs certainly far superior, the price of the weapon is also quite expensive. Well you can take advantage of the sale and purchase transactions account and this weapon to make money. Likewise with point blank.